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Property Management Wanaka

Owning a holiday house in Wanaka shouldn’t be a worry. And at Wanaka Unlocked we are here to help.

We have teamed up with the very best suppliers in Wanaka to provide you with the best property management services in the region.

We will take care of all aspects of keeping your Wanaka holiday home in perfect shape, from the gardens and lawns to the hot tub, to topping up the beer fridge with your favourite craft beers before you arrive, we have all bases covered. And with our concierge services, we can even make sure that your time in Wanaka is extra special.

We will always ensure that everything is done to perfection for you. Our property services manager, John, previously worked for the Queen of Norway and perfection in service is all he knows.

And so, we are proud to offer the royal service for your property.